Who we are

Who we are
Professional information to our Clients

Advertising, for Cuban Private Accommodations
Advertising, for Cuban Private Accommodations

Online Booking System
Online Booking System

A few Stats:

Founded on April, 2010
6171 Accommodations
7106 Rooms
Accommodations at all 16 Cuban Provinces
5 Languages

The enterprise

MycasaParticular is an on line platform for the on line reservation of private accommodation facilities in Cuba and other services associated with it. Our vision is to turn accommodation facilities into the first lodging choice of the traveller. To enable travellers to have a unique experience by getting to know better this land, its people and culture as well. To offer an authentic lodging choice different from the one found in hotels.

MycasaParticular is aware of the economic and social impact of the stay of every tourist at a private accommodation facility. This is a way to increase jobs and also the way through which thousands of cuban families get income. The team of Mycasaparticular doesn't know a better way to help the cuban people: to practice a responsible and equitable tourism that cares for nature.

Fundamental value

Trust, and a WOW service in everything we do.

Team of collaborators

All of them fascinated by what they do, programmers, designers, travel specialists, translators(Yes, real people that translate and not automated machines), sale agents, marketing specialists, accountants and many other collaborators in Cuba and the rest of the world.


History of MyCasaParticular

MyCasaParticular was an idea, Pedro Torres, its founder, came up with many years ago. His family has a private accommodation facility, and his dream was always to empower and promote this fantastic service all over the world, which would help with the economic development of the country by stimulating directly the private sector.
This dream came true while Pedro was studying business management in Switzerland, where the first version of Mycasaparticular.com was created. Pedro decided to carry out this enterprise after having founded ABUC media network GmbH in 2010. Since then, the project has grown up as well as the experience in the market. Nowadays, MycasaParticular.com has over 1500 accommodation facilities, over 3500 rooms, represented in every tourist destination in Cuba and its provinces. Our main goal is to offer a high-quality and safe service to our customers and partners, under the concept of a responsible and equitable tourism.

We keep working hard to keep this dream alive: MycasaParticular.com

Its founder


Pedro Torres

He was born and grew up in Cuba. From 2009 to 2013 he studied Business Management in Switzerland. He speaks Spanish, German, English and Cuban.

About him:
He loves his family (he has a cute son). He works with Cuban passion and Swiss accuracy. In his free time, he travels, reads and does trekking or cycling.

Our Office,Switzerland

ABUC media network GmbH
Pedro Torres Cobas
Lindenstrasse 33,4102
(+41) 61 588 09 56

Our Office,Cuba

Street San Nicolas 358 between San Rafael and San Miguel, Centro Habana, La Habana
(+53) 55599750