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At the eastern end of Cuba is Baracoa, Prime City located in Guantanamo Province, the first village founded by the Spanish colonizers. Between the rainforest and the sea, Baracoa offers visitors a unique tourist destination with a cityscape highly conserved and an exquisite natural environment, rich flora and fauna. Land of coconut, banana, cocoa, Polymitas, legends, traditions, and of the best Cuban cuisine, without a doubt, has become a place par excellence to spend your vacations.
The access by road is an adventure in itself: the Viaduct Street meanders the mountains with 11 suspension bridges. In this City clear evidence can be seen of the solid system that defended it from the siege of pirates and corsairs, for instance: Matachín Fortress, La Punta, Los torreones de Joa and Caguase as well as Seboruco Castle. From there you can contemplate the best panoramic view of the surroundings.

Visit “La Cruz de la Parra”, symbol of Christianity that brought Christopher Columbus, and which is exhibited in a modest cathedral that dates from 1512. Tour the impressive burial chambers of the Archaeological Museum “Cuevas del Paraiso” (Caves of Paradise). Wrap yourself up in the attractive landscape of the place called “Cuchillas del Toa”, ascend to the flattened top of the place called “Yunque de Baracoa”, cross the place called “El Paso de los Alemanes” (The path of the German), go up the amazing rivers of this area such as Miel, Duaba, Yumirí and Toa in a “Cayuca” (typical Aboriginal boat), cool off in its waterfalls and walk along the sands of Maguana, Saratoga and Duaba beaches.

To complete your vacation, enjoy the peculiar Baracoa seasoning in its Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities). Try the excellent chocolate from Baracoa, “El Chorote (a drink) and delicious cones (sweet coconut, orange and pineapple cones) and frangollos (a kind of banana nougat); accompany main courses with a “lechita” (coconut sauce), bacán (green banana balls wrapped up in their leaves), Calalu (green salad), to the rhythm of of kiribá and nengón.
As a finishing touch, a good cup of coffee sweetened with sugar cane. History, nature, architecture, culinary art. Baracoa: A full and incomparable experience.

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