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Bayamo is one of the oldest cities in Cuba, the second village founded by Diego Velázquez. It is located in the eastern province of Granma and has a population of over 220 thousand inhabitants. Its colonial style buildings, squares, mansions and cathedrals are very outstanding; so many buildings in the city have the status of National Monument.  
Bayamo is one of the cleanest and well-arranged Cuban cities. As a picturesque detail of the city are hundreds of horse-drawn carriages that beautify it; and at the same time they emphasize its colonial traditions. Bayamo historical sites constitute a strong tourist attraction. This city occupies a place in the history of Cuba. It was there where for the first time the National Anthem of Cuba was sung in October 1868.
It was the first capital city of the Republic of Cuba in Arms, just days after the uprising in the Demajagua. On January 12th, 1869 its inhabitants preferred to burn the city to give it to the Spanish colonial army; a fact that constitutes one of the most significant ones in the history of Cuba. Bayamo is the birthplace of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Father of the Cuban Homeland. These reasons make it so attractive, and besides the fact there; museums, historical centers of tourist interest, as well as the only wax museum in the country can be found.

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