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Gibara is a municipality in the province of Holguin, where beautiful architectural sites and lush landscapes are intermingled; in the margins of a bay with the same name. In this city, known as “Villa Blanca” (White Village) because of the predominant color of its facades, is held in April each year the Poor Cinema Festival, which welcomes visitors from around the world. Enjoy the perfect design of its buildings, streets and colonial parks that have earned it the title of National Monument. The hosts of its Casas Particulares (Private lodging Facilities) will provide excellent service, showing the pride of belonging to a city that, although small, has a great history and culture.
Reach the ancient arm square, today Calixto Garcia Park, and find a miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty as well as the stunning architecture of its Parish Church amidst African royal oaks. Admire the magical sunsets from the seafront avenue that runs along the bay. Visit the ruins of Cuartelón and Fernando VII Battery. Nearby is Bariay Bay, where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492.

Around Gibara visit the Cave of the Bakers. You can also bike to Caletones Beach where you will also find freshwater ponds and be able to dive in an awesome cave system. In the colonial style Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities) of Gibara you will have the opportunity to appreciate the round arches, screens, partitions, and colorful stained glass windows that decorate it.

It also has the third wind farm in the country and the one with the largest electricity generation capacity, on the other hand it plans to continue developing these ways of producing clean and non-polluting energy.

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