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Guardalavaca is a beach located on the coast of Holguin and the third tourist destination in Cuba. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it was a refuge for pirates and privateers; today its warm turquoise waters, sheltered by a coral reef, offer a natural heavenly spectacle along 4 kilometers of beach in a crescent moon shape. The lush green surrounding contrasts with its clear waters and white sands. Its formidable seabed makes Guardalavaca a tourist destination of first order for diving with 32 dive sites.
Visit caves, sunken pirate ships and the giant coral called "La Corona". 28 kilometers away is Banes city where you can get to know its aboriginal roots, and next is Bariay, place where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492. You can also visit Gibara town, the archaeological site “Chorro de Maita” and the Taino Indian village, as well as “Bahia de Naranjo” Natural Aquarium, which offers performances of sea lions and dolphins. If you choose to stay in the Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities) of Guardalavaca, your experience will be unforgettable. In the Cuban heat, enjoy a pleasant stay as well as a familiar and personalized service in a tropical paradise.

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