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When travelling to the eastern part of Cuba you can find Holguin, which you shouldn’t miss, first piece of land kissed by Christopher Columbus and his men when they landed in 1492, indigenous settlement and subsequent colonial city, home of “Romerias de Mayo” (May Pilgrimages). Holguin with hospitable and dynamic people, cultural diversity and traditions, land of “Guayabero” and Mayabe Donkey; where there are excellent Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities).
After climbing the 464 steps of “La Loma de la Cruz” you will enjoy a splendid view of the city, modern in its urban layout, with green flooding the landscape between two hills. Its numberless spacious and shaded squares have earned it the nickname of “City of Parks”. In the oldest of all, dedicated to Calixto Garcia, a heroic general that fought in the war of independence, you will find the emblematic building of the city: “La Periquera”, former Spanish Garrison, today, Provincial Museum with suggestive exhibitions.

At the Museum of Natural History, the best in Cuba, you can admire a fossil of 60 million years and about 7000 species of Caribbean flora and fauna. If you love relics, visit the “Organo” (Typical Musical Instrument) Factory, unique of its kind on the island. Turn Holguin into your first tourist destination in Cuba, through its International Airport.

Staying at a Casa Particular (Private Lodging Facility) in Holguin has the advantage of enjoying a personalized and familiar treatment, the charms of the city and being able to move fast enough to beautiful beaches as well as lush natural sites, ideal for ecotourism and sun and beach tourism.

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