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Isla de la Juventud is a special municipality of Cuba located in the southwestern part along the Gulf of Batabanó. Parrot Island and the isle of Treasure were among its first names: it was for more than three centuries a refuge for pirates and privateers. It is now a protected area due to its natural and archaeological richness. Cays, islets, lush vegetation and, fauna, hillocks, caves, white and black sand beaches make up this paradise island. Its inhabitants are very hospitable and will provide the best care in their Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities).
Its magnificent seabed has one of the best preserved coral reefs on the planet: 56 dive sites are available where you can practice underwater photography, fishing and diving. In addition to that, it is possible to take bird watching tours or visit the nearby cays. East of “La Sierra de las Casas”, in an area known as “Bajo de Zambo”, where remains of 70 ships have been found. On the west coast you will find the International Diving Center.

Enjoy the black sands of Paradise and Bibijagua Beaches. Get to know the Bamboo Cathedral of the Botanical Garden, and Jones’ Jungle. Stop by the crocodile farm and breeding center for sea turtles. But above all do not forget to get to the caves of Punta del Este, one of them considered the Sistine Chapel of Caribbean indigenous art, with 235 pictographs on the walls and ceiling of the cave.
Historically and culturally different from the rest of the Cuban Archipelago, the
Isla de la Juventud is a mixture of American, Japanese and Cayman Islands ancestors. You will even know its own musical style; it is a subgenre of Son, it is called Sucu Sucu. Make the most of this experience by staying in its Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities). You can also visit several historical sites: The Museum El Abra Farm, related to the life of José Martí, and the Model Prison, where the assailants of Moncada Garrison served sentence. In March the Feast of the Toronja (Grapefruit) is celebrated.

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