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Miramar is one of the main residential areas in Havana City. In the fifties it was the site of preference of the Cuban upper class and its position on the coast potentiated the creation of numberless tourist resorts, yacht clubs and social clubs. Most homes are fancy mansions with eclectic facades, large gardens and swimming pools. If you are looking for comfort and relaxation, the Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities) of Miramar are your best choice. Most parks have gazebos and are surrounded by lush vegetation.
The urban layout of Miramar imitates the one of Manhattan, especially along Fifth Avenue, the main artery of this area and considered by many the most beautiful Cuban Street. It has many artificial beaches, which were former private clubs. The so called “Playita de 16” (Little beach on 16th street) is the most popular and favorite of young people. Besides, here you can visit several clubs and cabarets such as Tropicana Cabaret, Le Select, or centers such as La Maison, (fashion house in Cuba).
In this area there are excellent examples of architecture, historical sites, museums, as well as leisure and entertainment places. This tourist destination has outstanding places of relevance to the country and its international relations, since in this area are most of the embassies of foreign countries. Here there is also a large hotel chain that gives you the opportunity to enjoy several services associated with tourism.

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