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Moron is a small town of Ciego de Ávila that can get to surprise you. If you rent a Casa Particular (Private Lodging Facility) in Moron, you will have a triple benefit: you will find cheap accommodation, you will be a few kilometers away from the renowned tourist destination called “Jardines del Rey”, and you can discover the town as well as its surroundings, with attractive offers. The main symbol of the city is the Rooster of Moron, a bronze monument made by the Cuban artist Rita Longa, but it is also famous for its “Torticas” (small crunchy flour dessert).
The urban center preserves some historical buildings such as “
Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria” (the Church of Our Lady of Candelaria), unique in the country with a crenellated tower and arrow slits in the walls, used as a military garrison in the independence wars. Besides, there are some remains left of the forts of the gauge from Jucaro to Moron, a defense system built by the Spanish army to prevent the Cuban army from passing in the invasion to the West and considered one of the most important works of military engineering in America.
The Railway Station is notable for its stained glass and marble. Visit “La Laguna de la Leche”, the largest natural lake in Cuba, with a chain of restaurants and cafes. In “La Redonda” lagoon there is an International Fishing Center with abundant trout. You can head west of Moron on horseback, to the small Jatibonico Mount Range, or visit the ecological reserve called “Loma de Cunagua”
There are several hunting sites such as the hunting site of Moron and Aguachales de Falla. Numberless events take place in this city. Since the mid-50s in “La Laguna de la Leche”, The Aquatic Carnival has taken place, where numberless ships symbolize different motives in the region. Each year the International Boleros de Oro Festival and the festival of The musical creator Blue Silence are celebrated. Take advantage of the excellent options offered by accommodation in a Casa Particular (Private Lodging Facility) in Moron.

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