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Pinar del Rio Western city of is the gateway to the green landscapes of Cuba, the best season in the coffee route, ideal for the finest national cigars directly from the hands of their producers and perhaps one of the places where Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities) transmit the most familiar and folksiest atmosphere of the island.
As a tourist destination, Pinar del Río preserves few architectural gems of a superb neoclassical appearance. However, it is noteworthy the eclecticism of Guasch Palace and Milanes Theater, pride of the city. The region of undeniable natural charms has been famous for its landscape painters, but currently important exponents of Cuban contemporary painting such as Pedro Pablo Oliva live there, whose workshop opens to the traveler on Marti street.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit “Casa Garay” where the traditional liquor called “Guayabita del Pinar” is made. Pinar del Rio’s cultural richness is also evident in the preservation of oral traditions such as the recitation of “La Decima” (A ten stanza song) and the celebration of festivals of religious origin such as “Tambor Yuca” (Yuca Drum).
The westernmost province of Cuba has the best scenery and lush nature; with Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve and the beautiful Maria la Gorda beach. Its urban area, has lovely places such as the famous Caridad’s Garden, where spring nests all year; there also lies “La Plaza Polo Montanez” (Polo Montanez Square) a tribute to the late singer-songwriter.

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