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San Juan de los Remedios, in Villa Clara province, is distinguished by its famous “Parrandas”, fascinating and witty carnivals on Christmas Eve: "Sparrowhawks" and "roosters" from the neighborhoods called Carmen and San Salvador, who face each other in a fraternal fight where fireworks, floats, choreographic and scenographic displays are the protagonists. Its historical site has been declared a National Monument, with several examples of Spanish architecture of the seventeenth century in good condition.
Flanked by beautiful flamboyants you will find a very unique square, the only one in the country with two churches: “
Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje” (Our Lady of Good Voyage) and “Parroquial Mayor de San Juan Bautista” (the Parish Church of San Juan Bautista). In the latter there is a huge gold-plated Baroque altar and a showcase where you can admire a sculpture of the Immaculate pregnant Concepcion, the only one in the world.

Remedios is also characterized by the irregularity of its streets, with large eaves that protect walkers from the intense beat of the sun, and at the same time they invite you to go through the arteries of the one hundred-year Remedios city. At the Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities) of this city, you can enjoy the warmth of its people and the colonial building, with beautiful inner courtyards. If you arrive by June, it becomes a fantastic tourist destination so that you can participate in San Juan festival that celebrates the foundation of the city. Do not miss Martí Square, Trova park and Alejandro Garcia Caturla museum. Santa María, Las Brujas and Perla Blanca Beaches are 45 minutes away.

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