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Sancti Spiritus province in the central part of Cuba invites you to spend your holiday in a tourist destination that offers colonial cities, the remains of the sugar fever and remote green spots; they are mixed on the map of the territory, which has the appearance of almost an entirely ancient and mysterious small-town. Sancti Spiritus City is offered, rather than as a setting for a class of architecture or history, as one of the Cuban regions where the customs of the country can be known best by sharing life in neighborhoods, as well as people’s games and meals . It is said it was in this area where “La Guayabera”, (a shirt with wide pockets) emerged, and which has become the national garment.
Another of the hallmarks of Sancti Spiritus is its music, for having given great composers and interpreters of “La trova” (Troubadour’s Music) such as Teofilito, Arturo Alonso, Sigfredo Mora and Catalina Berroa. “Sancti Spiritus Santiago” or carnival is a festival of religious origin during which dances and music take over the city.
To the environmentalists, the province proposes Caguanes National Park and “ Caballete de Casa”, in the region called Escambray; the stone Keys; the zone known as “San José del Lago” ( with medicinal water) and “Boquerones”, a site of incomparable vegetation. Those who love excursions will not overlook the region called Topes de Collantes, with caves, underground rivers, waterfalls and lush ferns. Ancon Beach, considered the best of southern Cuba coast, is a good halfway point to travel to the rural or urban part of Santi Spiritus.

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