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Santa Marta has become an important support for Varadero tourist destination due to its proximity and similarities in terms of accommodation and services. It has a certain amount of dining facilities that have already gained an important prestige thanks to its quality, which they share with the Casas Particulares (Private lodging facilities) in the area.
The territory stretches for about 3.32 square kilometers and has approximately 12 thousand inhabitants. The indigenous population of the area was rooted near the famous “Cueva del Indio” (The Indian’s Cave), but it was not until 1630 it started to have some knowledge of farming in the town. Santa Marta really begins in channel “Palo Malo” and it is located among the neighborhoods of Cardenas municipality: La Cueva del Muerto, (The cave of the dead) Conchita Alley (San Cayetano), Kawama Garage, Varadero Heights and Bachiche.

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