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Visiting the biggest one in the Antilles and not getting to know Santiago de Cuba grinds on sacrilege. Located between the mountains of “Sierra Maestra” and the sea, unique urban design and deeply rooted traditions, cradle of the Revolution, Santiago has excellent conditions to do cultural and nature tourism. Many consider it the most Caribbean, musical and passionate city of the island. But the taste of Santiago de Cuba is not complete without the warmth of its people. Discover in its Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities) and steep streets the genuine Cuban: hospitable, spontaneous, and cheerful. On your way you will find many architectural styles, wooded parks, steep streets, huge colonial windows, tight balconies, and on every corner seething life.
Santiago has historical treasures such as the first home of America, the first cathedral and the first Cuban museum. Take the pulse of the city at its heart, Céspedes Park, surrounded by the historical site. From the balcony of Velazquez, admire the spectacular bay, guarded by San Pedro del Morro Castle, a mix of medieval and Renaissance elements.

Cool off in the shade of Dolores Park and take advantage of the fact you are there to try a delicious cup of coffee at La Isabelica. Let music pouring from every corner get you: Bolero, Son, and Conga. Spend a day discovering Baconao, the most extensive and original park of attractions in Cuba.

The fervor for “La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre” (Our Lady of Charity from El Cobre) joins the frenzy of carnivals that combine African and Haitian roots in troupes, drums, and congas. March invites you to the International Festival of “la Trova” (Troubadour’s music), July begins with the Caribbean Festival and ends with Santiago Carnival, October brings Matamoros International Festival, and November The International Choir Festival. Book your Casa Particular (Private Lodging Facility. You do not need to look at the calendar: All year round there are parties in Santiago.

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