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Soroa, among the mountains of Sierra del Rosario, is one of the finest ones of western Cuba reserves. The variety of its vegetation has turned the area into one of the most frequented one by hikers who like green landscapes. Orchids are the main attraction of Soroa: over 700 species from all over the world and many other endemic growing in an extensive botanical garden. If you want to spend your holidays and enjoy nature in a Casa Particular (Private Lodging Facility), this is the ideal place.
Vegetable Beauty in Soroa is completed with eucalyptus and pine trees, ferns, huge curujeyes and platicerios, oak, cedar, ancient kapok trees and weeping willows. If you choose to stay in touch with nature, visit the waterfall of Bayate River, a place where water and light form contrails of rainbow.

A lookout, 250 meters above sea level, offers breathtaking views of the mountain landscape; while the Castle in the Clouds, a building with extravagant medieval appearance, stands on the hill “El Fuerte”, a sublime site to observe the valley and the coastal plain site. Soroa also has plenty of caves and rivers, if you like potholing or prefer to cool off. “La Poza del Amor” (The pond of love) will be an unforgettable stop. You can also access the Roman Baths, with medicinal mineral-sulphurous water.
Horseback riding, cycling and guided tours including rural settlements and ruins of French coffee plantations of the nineteenth century trails are also recommended. Renting a Casa Particular (Private Lodging Facility) in Soroa is to ensure a passage to paradise.

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