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Varadero is the most well- known tourist resort of Cuba, the first resort of sun and beach on the island, located on a narrow peninsula of Matanzas province, where fine sand, clear waters and a wide service chain stretch more than 20 kilometers in exceptional natural conditions. Wrap yourself up in the blue where sea and sky embrace. An amazing seascape will dazzle you in the 23 diving areas of Varadero.
Visit Varasub, a submerged ship with glass bottom, and add to your agenda tours in caves, cliffs and virgin keys. Know the indecipherable aboriginal pictographs in the caves of Ambrosio. Enjoy the Dolphinarium and the beautiful gardens of Josone Park. Golf courses, tennis courses and a skydiving center can be added to the diverse range of outdoor activities you can find there. Beyond its varied hotel infrastructure, Varadero offers visitors a fancy stay in its Casas Particulares (Private Lodging facilities) with the best prices of the season. Quality care and the advantage of living a more Cuban, and more genuine experience, in a strip of paradise.

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