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Economic and financial center of Havana, Vedado is the busiest part of the  the city; day and night, with many restaurants, discos, clubs, cinemas, theaters, galleries and museums, institutions, airlines, hotels and Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities). The main area is La Rampa, five round blocks comprising among its attractions the famous National Hotel, built on a terrace, which in colonial times, was a strategic military enclave, as well as Habana Libre Hotel, built over 40 years ago.
Record stores, craftsmanship markets and Coppelia ice cream parlor, complete the picture in a neighborhood that also hosts Columbus Necropolis, Cultural Heritage and the most outstanding American cemetery because of its sculptural values, as well as the Revolution Square, headquarters of Jose Marti Memorial and historical center of political demonstrations.

The Avenue of Presidentes, Paseo Avenue and La Rampa lead from downtown to El Malecón Habanero (Havana Sea front Avenue), born within the limits of Old Havana, which cordons off El Vedado and reaches as far as Miramar. A little further, the Metropolitan Park, full of lush tropical vegetation. Everywhere streets open where walkers can admire beautiful palaces with their gardens of yesteryear, and the ways are adorned with the majestic royal Poinciana trees, flowering through green Havana air.

In Nuevo Vedado you will find modernist style houses of the 50s and multi-floor buildings completed after that epoch. Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities) make sure that you can have an unforgettable stay in fancy apartments and residences. Vedado is one of the great achievements of urbanism in Cuba; it is still the best area of ​​Havana to live, work and have a great time.

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