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Viñales, land of cigars and the best natural sights of Cuba, it is located in the westernmost part of the island, in Órganos Mountain Range. The valley was declared Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. Idyllic setting and extraordinary nature, it is the ideal place to stay away from the bustle of big cities. Viñales is characterized by hillocks, of karstic origin and a great variety of shapes, sentries guarding the plantations and drying sheds of tobacco, corn fields, coffee plantations, sugar cane, orange, avocado, bananas.
In an area of ​​1500 km2; its geological formation allows you to see today abundant ammonite fossils, fish and dinosaurs Diplodocus and ichthyosaurus. Besides it gives a varied flora, with around 17 endemic species. Caves, high pine trees, red dirt, royal palms and rustic houses with roofs of palm leaves.

Viñales offers the opportunity to go hiking, climbing, horse riding and cycling. Visit the Indian Cave, an ancient indigenous settlement with an underground river; or “La Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas”, the largest cave system in Latin America, a paradise for those who love caving. Enjoy the majestic beauty of this valley from Los Jazmines Lookout, get to know in “Alturas de Pizarras” the most ancient rocks in the Caribbean area, enjoy the Mural of Prehistory in the Valley of “Dos Hermanas”, and take a dip in the natural pool of Cave Palmarito or the springs of San Vicente Mountain Range.

Although the main attraction of Viñales lies in the valley, the village preserves the traditional setting of a settlement of farmers. Colonial houses with red tiles, large columns and porches flanking the main street. The most important buildings are located at the main square or Marti Park, including the arts center, one of the most ancient ones.
  Viñales offers some of the finest Casas Particulares (Private Lodging Facilities) in Cuba. Enjoy a relaxing and wonderful atmosphere, savor delicious roast pork with “Congri rice” (Black beans and rice mixture), vegetables, roots, sweet potatoes, and yucca in the yard of a farm, Enjoy the sunset from a doorway while smoking a cigar and having before your eyes one of the most beautiful natural views of Cuba.

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