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What is MyCasaParticular.com?

MyCasaParticular.com is a web platform to reserve private lodgings in Cuba. With more than 6 years of experience in the international market, it allows you to reserve online and choose from over more than 5000 accommodations guaranteed all over Cuba.

How to book on MyCasaParticular.com?

To reserve is very easy. Within the details of each property inscribed in our site (of each Casa Particular) you can see the option Book Now, when you click on that button, all the data needed from you is requested immediately to make an availability checkup.

Our Team will confirm is the room requested is available or not, and the confirmation will be sent via Email. Right after receiving the email, you can do the prepayment for the room to guarantee its availability for the requested period.

Is it legal to rent a casa particular?

To lodge at a Casa Particular is totally legal. All the private casas that appear at MyCsaParticular.com pay a tax to the Cuban government to be able to offer this kind of service. All Rental Casas are easy to recognize by a white sticker on their doors, that has a blue logo in the form of a triangle. As long as  it is legally authorized, the sticker should remain on the door.

What is a casa Particular?

Casa Particular is the term used in Cuba to denominate a whole house, room, or independent apartment that belongs to a Cuban family and it is rented or leased to tourist.

Generally the Hosts are eager to rent for short or long periods. Many would accept groups, families, while others can only lodge a couple. Most of the rentals offer complimentary services such as breakfast, dinner, laundry, etc…

“Casas Particulares” generally also offer other services such as breakfast and dinner.

What is the value of the CUC regarding other currencies?

The CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) is the Cuban currency allowed in the country to exchange for other international currencies. It is also the currency that lets you acquire different products at the shops, and to pay any formality necessary. 

The CUC is also the currency on which the majority of touristic services are paid in Cuba.
The rate exchange of the CUC varies within the year in relation to other currencies. The average value would be (September 2016):

1CUC= 0.90 EUR
1CUC= 1.00 USD
1CUC= 0.98 CHF
1CUC= 1.28 CAD
1CUC= 0.75 GBP

How to cancel a reservation?

To cancel a reservation, you should get in touch with our Reservation Team (reservation@mycasaparticular.com). If you want to inform yourself about the Cancelation Policy, please check our Legal Terms and Conditions.

Who works at MyCasaParticular.com?

At My CasaParticular.com there is a staff of sale persons, a reservation staff, webmasters, programmers, translators, journalists, communicators, as well as others that guarantee the quality and maintenance of our service.

What is the quick booking?

It is a type of a booking that allows speeding up the reservation process by itself. It starts when the tourist client makes a group of requests to check availability for the moment that they plan their visit to Cuba.

Our system notifies directly and automatically the casa owners, and they with a minimum delay, will inform us if the rooms are available for the requested period.

This new modality favors the tourist client, that awaits a quick answer to his/her requests, and on the other side, it gives autonomy to the hosts, for they know  that after a notification, the sooner they can let us know the availability of  the room, the bigger are the  chances of getting the reservation.

How does MyCasa Trip web work?

MyCasa Trip as a web version is basically the intern web page of MyCasaParticular.com, from where the client can check the available bookings, and if he/she wants, it can also be made the online down payment for the rooms they want to lodge in.

What is the cellphone App MyCasaTrip?

MyCasa Trip as a cellphone App from MyCasaParticular.com provides the client by means of a map, with the exact location and information of the active bookings they have. It allows to calculate the distance among the booked lodgings, and to know how to get in a faster and more efficient way to the reserved accommodation in Cuba. It is free.

Which are the advantages of using the cellphone App MyCasa Renta?

This App enables the casa owners associated to myCasaParticular.com to update the availability of the rooms for rent, in real time. It is free, easy to use, and with multiple benefits for the casa owners and the guests.

How much do I pay for a reservation?

Actually the person that makes a reservation, only pays 10CUC too much for our services. The 20 % added to the prepayment is deducted from the price of the rent.

How can I make comments?

In order to post a comment on our website, you must register on the site. If this is the case you can make comments as many times as reservations you have; that is, you have the conditions to show your opinions about each accommodation facility that you have booked. These comments will be published automatically.

However, if you want to make comments on any other house that you haven’t booked yet; your opinions will be moderated by our staff before being posted.
In both cases, you should find the house on which you want to comment, and go to the details of this property.

Why to make a down payment to MyCasaParticular.com if there are other sites that offer a similar service without any charge?

MyCasaParticular.com guarantees the reservations of its clients by means of this prepayment. This way, the site ensures the availability of the lodgings. Las Casa Particulares in Cuba prioritize our bookings because they know they are guaranteed.

What benefits do I have as a tourist if I book with MyCasaParticular.com?

With MyCasaParticular.com your booking is safe and backed up for a voucher. Besides, you have the possibility to select among 5000 guaranteed lodgings all over Cuba.

Other advantages of MyCasaParticular.com  are its Customer Service team, its Cancelation Policy (see Legal Terms and Conditions), and the guarantee of lodging at the chosen destination.