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What happen when you get to the Casa Particular and your reserved room is not free?

This is something that should not happen since our system checks the availability of the room, even 5 days before the arrival of a customer.  But if it occurs anyhow, we propose new lodgings with the same price conditions, more or less, as the one selected by the client in our web.

What benefits do the Casas Particulares in Cuba receive with our services?

The owner of the Casas Particulares for renting in Cuba, get advertisement and professional representation of its rental in Internet, in at least 3 languages. The Casas also benefit from the prepayment, for it gives them the certainty that the client will stay at his/her casa. In other cases, many tourists reserve different casas through other web pages, and do not show up at the end. This represents a loss for the casa owners.

Is the payment safe at MyCasaPartcular.com?

Payment at MyCasaParticular.com is safe. The down payment for reservations is not done in our webpage but in Money Bookers.

This payment platform guarantees the security of the payment. MyCasaParticular.com, under no circumstance, has access to the bank data or credit card information of its clients.

How much do I have to pay to reserve with MyCasaParticular.com

To reserve a lodging advertised in MyCasaParticular.com you need to make the online prepayment. This down payment guarantees the availability of the casa for the selected period established by the traveller for its stay in Cuba.

The prepayment is as amount that includes the 20% of the lodging price (the price shown at the site), 5.00 CUC as fixed rate, plus another rate for our services that may vary between 10% and 30%, depending on the amount of nights, quantity of rooms, and their price.  

The rest of the payment, around the 80% of the lodging price (according to the value shown at the site) will be paid in CUC by the clients to the owners, directly at the casa.

Why do I have trouble to pay?

If you have trouble to make the payment, maybe it is due to difficulties your credit card has, for which we suggest that you try to do the same operation using another card you own, or owned by someone else, such as a relative or someone you trust.

Another reason is the offer is overdue. It has probably reached its closing date; that is, the payment should have been made in the first 48 hours after having made your reservation

How can I see new properties/offers?

In order to consult new properties that have been added on our platform, consult on MyCasaParticular.com the index link “Latest added”.

What choices do I have if I cannot pay on line?

What choices do I have if I cannot pay on line? We recommend you make the prepayment through our on line platform. In case you cannot do it this way, communicate right away with the reservation staff of MyCasaParticular via the following e-mail address: reservation@mycasaparticular.com.

By doing this, you will have the choice to pay the total amount of your reservation, in cash, to the owner of the house where you will stay.  

Who is the owner of MyCasaParticular.com?

MyCasaParticular.com es un producto de ABUC Media Network, una empresa con sede en Basel, Suiza.  

How to get to the reserved accommodation?

There are many ways to get to your Casa Particular: taxi, bus, train. Contact the chosen casa and ask the hosts which is the most economical and fastest way.

Our Google map and the App MyCasa Trip will also help you find your destination. You can download our App MyCasa Trip from: https://www.mycasaparticular.com/es/app/mycasatrip

Is MyCasaParticular.com safe?

Without any doubt, it is a very secure web platform. We keep a minimum of data about our customers like name and email.

Why stay in a casa particular?

Staying in a casa particular can be one of the most interesting experiences you can enjoy during your trip to Cuba. Aside from having the chance to meet travelers from around the world you will know the Cuban reality from within, living with a Cuban familiy. Another important argument is the price. Casas particulares are the most economical option for your stay in Cuba.