Apartamento en La Habana: Tu Casa en Habana (CH1559). 1 habitación. Desde EUR 34.20 noche/habitación

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Tu Casa en Habana

Located in the central Avenida 23, in the heart of Vedado, the 'apartment can' accommodate two people comfortably. It 'consists of 1 bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom with shower (hot and cold) and equipped with all comforts such as air conditioning, refrigerator, induction cooker, electric pressure cooker. Well above the Cubans Standard Privacy, comfort and friendliness are the three basic premises that you will find by opening the door of "Tu casa en Habana". The 'accommodation is close to Cine Charles Chaplin, Café Fresa y Chocolate, Cine 23 y 12 and Fábrica de Arte Cubano. You will enjoy of 'excellent location, the people and the atmosphere. Especially suitable for couples, lone adventurers and business travelers. For those who like to know in depth Cuba, its socio-cultural context and the charm of 'Havana, we have a personalized service with a specialized guide in the major landmarks of the city, for this we make use of local young people, professionals in the arts and architecture. Among the attraction of the famous Vedado Calle 23 is also known as "La Rampa" is one of the liveliest streets of the city, and that is where you will find cinemas, restaurants, hotels and premises of any kind. This is one of the areas also suitable for those looking for nightlife and entertainment. The Vedado is simply one of the liveliest neighborhoods across Havana: it is here that there are some of the most famous attractions of this island in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Places like the mythical Plaza Revolucion: the square where they are required the most important political speeches of Fidel Castro, with its 72 thousand square meters are dominated by the José Martí Memorial, a tall tower 109 meters. Around the square there is one of the most populated municipalities of the city. But perhaps the most evocative place of Vedado is the Malecon of Havana: an eight-kilometer boardwalk that winds on the northern coast of Cuba. It is here that there are some significant monuments such as the Castillo de la Real Fuerza and the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta. Stroll the streets of Vedado is to discover the soul of this area of ​​Cuba.

  • Tipo: Apartamento
  • Categoría: Rango medio
  • Lenguajes: Español, Inglés, Italiano
  • Dormitorios: 1
  • Capacidad: 2
  • Ciudad: Plaza de la Revolución
  • Provincia: La Habana
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    Propietario(s): Michel Ortega Delgado , Giampiero Rossi

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