Appartamento A La Habana: Apartamento 3 Balcones (CH1120). 1 camere. Da EUR 36.00 Notte / Camera

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Apartamento 3 Balcones

Appartamento 3 Balcones è un ottimo ostello per gli amanti delle brezze naturali, i suoi 3 balconi dotare in modo permanente una piacevole brezza caraibica nella stanza. comune Centro Habana trova a pochi isolati dal Malecon e Calle Neptuno. Il suo proprietario ha una vasta esperienza per l'affitto di case private, che gestisce due case private ha la sua familia.Muy Nelle vicinanze si trovano molti luoghi con proposte eccellenti. Vicino a Chinatown, dove si trova la cucina cubana e internazionale in offerta. Ci sono ristoranti La Flor de Lotto e La Mimosa, che si trovano anche nei pressi della Casa della Musica Galeano, Arcangelo Caffè e Caffè Tilin, bei posti da condividere con gli amici. San Rafael Boulevard pochi hanno più punti con offerta culinaria, una grande fiera dell'artigianato e comunica con le strade che conducono al centro storico di L'Avana Vecchia

  • Tipo: Appartamento
  • Categoria: Midrange
  • Lingue: Spagnolo, Inglese
  • camere da letto: 1
  • Capacità: 2
  • Città: Centro Habana
  • Provincia: La Habana
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  • Camera Doppia- Da EUR 36.00

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Opinioni degli utenti (1)

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Martin Tousignant - Gen 9, 2017

We reserved this apartment (Apartemento 3 Balcones CH1120) via the my casa particular site in December, for 3 nights in early January 2017. We paid for the first night online on this site, which for us secured the booking, with email confirmation & all usual details sent to & from. We were really looking forward to staying in this casa on our own, with kitchen facilities as pictured & described. We were in contact by email with Tania in December, and despite our poor written spanish and her poor written English, all seemed fine. We even used google translate to avoid misunderstandings and facilitate translations. To our great surprise and disappointment, once at the apartment, Tania tried to explain that the Apartemento 3 Balcones had been reserved by someone else somehow between our web request and confirmation... a doubtful scenario given the emailed proofs and payment applied in mid-December. She did have an alternative for us: since she owns 3 casas, she had a room + private bathroom for us: but this was however far from what we expected, since this room was INSIDE her own family's apartment. She lives there with her husband, daughter and both grandparents. Same building and very central location, but not the same privacy, and no kitchen facility except for a fridge, 2 glasses and a plate! Her English is not sufficient to be advertised as spoken English, which did not help our initial live contact. We ended up making the most of it, and Tania & her husband Roberto proved to be friendly and we left on good terms. But as experienced travelers in renting apartments or fully equipped studios etc all over the planet, this is the first time we paid a deposit, got emailed confirmations and did not get any notice that there was a change in the reservation. Add a lack of English despite it being advertised and this makes our review a negative one. We enjoyed the city / Habana Centro experience, adapted to the change of plans, but these comments are meant to hopefully avoid such mishaps or misleadings to be repeated. We hope Tania will understand that a reservation is not a suggestion once payment is accepted. Changes can occur indeed, but there was sufficient time (over 2 weeks) for her to write to us and inform us of the new scenario and to give us a choice before arriving. We felt stuck and did not appreciate how things were changed and decided on our behalf.

  • Mycasaparticular Categoria: Midrange
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    EUR 36.00

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